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A Session

A Soundfloating session at Aquasonic



Start with a hot cup of tea

A session starts with an interview to discus your specific needs of the moment. After the interview you are welcome to take a shower, and enter our floatation bath.

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The sound-massage begins

You are being massaged by sound. The vibrations move along your spine and move deeper into and through your body the longer you are exposed to them.
At the same time, you are listening to music that matches the vibrations that you can feel.

REST Floating Buddha


Integrating the sound-vibrations

At the end of your session, there will be 15 minutes of total silence to integrate the experience into your body, mind and soul.

After the opening sessions of 60, 90 and 120 minutes will be available.
During the crowdfunding campaign only sessions of 60 minutes are available.

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