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Crowdfunding Campaign

Will you help us make Soundfloating accessible to everyone?


After having successfully tested our prototype at Aquasonic, it is time to introduce Soundfloating to the world. For this step, Soundfloating needs an upgrade for which we have already raised €30,000 with a crowdfunding campaign. But renovation and development always takes longer and is more expensive than you think, so we need extra support.

Will you help us with the last bits?

Until the opening you can pre-book your 2024 Soundfloating session for a reduced rate and take advantage of our other perks.

Aquasonic Soundfloating is a revolutionary method to de-stress based on sound vibrations


This unique way of de-stressing combines three scientifically proven methods:

  • floating-tank therapy

  • vibroacoustic therapy and

  • therapeutic listening to music

With Aquasonic Soundfloating the body is massaged by tactile sound vibrations from a waterproof speaker while you float in a warm bath with saltwater, and listen to relaxing music and soundscapes. This brings back balance in the body, the head, and the emotions and appears to be an ultimate discharger for stress and burnout symptoms.

Watch our Crowdfunding video:

How can you help us?

1.) Book a Soundfloating session for 2024


Until our opening you can book your Soundfloating session in advance with a 20% discount (see below). After we open in 2024, you will be one of the first to experience the upgraded version of Soundfloating. At the same time you help us to make Soundfloating accessible to everyone.


2.) Buy one or multiple GiftCards


Surprise your partner, friends or business-relations with a unique gift.
Order your GiftCard here.

3.) Purchase one of our other perks


We have prepared some great crowdfunding perks for you (see below). With the purchase of one of these perks you support our campaign.

4.) Make a donation


Support us with a donation to bring Soundfloating into the world. You can transfer your contribution of any amount to:


NL32 INGB 0009 6628 75

Aquasonic Soundfloating


Please add your e-mail address in the transfer details!

You will receive a personal confirmation from us stating how your donation has been used.

Would you like to be mentioned as a supporter of Aquasonic Soundfloating? We will contact you about this.


For a donation, we can also send you a payment request via Tikkie.

5.) Lend us money

You can also lend us money to achieve our goal. We repay these loans at 0-5% interest within 3-10 years. If you want to lend us money, please contact us by email or phone.


Mission accomplished!

€ 30,000  (103 supporters)

€ 0

€ 10,000


€ 20,000

+ bath

€ 30,000

+ audio

Select a perk

Aquasonic floating2d.png

Soundfloating session 60 min

Soundfloating session 60 min

+ Aquasonic bath towel

 Soundfloating session 60 min

+ Aquasonic bath towel

+ Aquasonic bath salts

Estimated time for your session:

March - July 2024

Sessions are guaranteed even if we don't raise the full amount. Our working prototype is already functional.

Aquasonic floating2d.png

2 Soundfloating sessions of 60 min

3 Soundfloating sessions of 60 min

5 Soundfloating sessions of 60 min

10 Soundfloating sessions of 60 min

Estimated time for your session:

March - July 2024

Sessions are guaranteed even if we don't raise the full amount. Our working prototype is already functional.

Aquasonic Massage.png

Shiatsu treatment by Josef 60 min​

Lomi Lomi massage by Nadine 90 min

Estimated date for your session:

max. 2 weeks after booking

(also possible at your home)

Aquasonic Badlaken.png

Aquasonic bath towel (140 x 70 cm)

Aquasonic bath salts​

Estimated date:

immediately available

Aquasonic Concert2.png

Soundhealing concert at your home with singing bowls, gongs, keyboards, guitar, and cello

Estimated date for your concert:

1 month after booking

Aquasonic Muurverwarming.png

"Flower of Life"

Custom-made wall-heating made by Aad Drewes (see pictures)

Estimated date for the installation:

3 months after ordering

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