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Fabric of the Universe

Take a look into the structure of physical reality to understand how vibrational medicine works.

Quantum Field Theory

Did you ever wonder about the origin of matter? A new perspective shows that its chemical elements (building blocks) emerge from an underlaying field: the quantum field. If we zoom into this field to deeper levels, there comes a point when we are in consciousness itself.


  • Consciousness is the fundament, the actual reality of the quantum field.

  • The building blocks of this reality are thus merely an expression of consciousness.

It has been believed for a long time that consciousness is the cause of complex neurological brain connections. But nothing is further away from the truth than this. Consciousness itself is the base of all existence, and matter is just one of its expressions. *


Consciousness finds its expression into matter via vibrations

If we zoom into matter we see molecules that are made of atoms. Atoms consists of vibrating particles, which themselves are made of vibrating subatomic particles. Those subatomic particles emerge from the underlaying field of awareness, the essence of all existence, the I AM or god.

Our atoms are parts of molecules, and molecules are parts of larger structures like proteins. The human body exists mostly of water molecules and proteins.


Oscillation of planets, moons, stars, solar systems, galaxies, universes ...

If we zoom out, our planets, moons, stars, solar systems and galaxies appear. Those too oscillate at specific frequencies.

Although it seems solid to our limited perception somehow, the universe really is a holographic projection of consciousness. And because the actual fabric of this projection is vibration, vibration is also what resonates with it and what is able to influences it.

Vibrational healing in ancient cultures


Vibrational healing has been used for thousands of years in ancient civilizations. Egyptians used sound and color for healing. Special rooms were devoted only to healing with color and sound in their healing centers.

"We believe that vibrations are a bridge between awareness and matter, and can be utilized to realign physical manifestations with their divine source. In our view, this is how healing truly works."


~ Josef Rebbe


At Aquasonic we are constantly investigating the effects of sound-vibrations on the human body to improve your Soundfloating experience. Soundfloating intends to touch you at your inner most core so you can resonate again with who you truly are: Pure awareness

* The Hathor Material 'by Tom Kenyon and Virgina Essene

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