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The Science

1. Resonance frequencies of your body

2. Soundfloating combines three scientifically proven methodes

3. Effects of Soundfloating on fascia and nervous system

4. Soundfloating creates beautiful patterns of oscillations inside your body

5. Benefits of Magnesium Sulphate for your cellular metabolism

1. Resonance frequencies of your body 


Soundfloating works with specific resonance frequencies of your body. Applying these frequencies has profoundly beneficial effects on your physical, emotional and mental well-being as we confirmed with our feasibility study with more than 40 test subjects. Most participants of this study felt profoundly relaxed, at peace and more in tune with themselves after their session. Many respondents also recognized a direct reduction of pain, and some experienced an emotional release, which is why Soundfloating could also be used therapeutically in the future.

While floating in our bath the sound vibrations can move freely through your body. Tensions are tracked down and vibrate until they dissolve. Our tests show that this goes hand in hand with an increase of mobility and flow of vital energy.

2. Soundfloating combines three scientifically proven methodes


Floatation REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy)

Clinical research investigating Floatation-REST, has reported largely beneficial effects across a range of different stress- and pain-related conditions, including: hypertension, chronic tension headaches, chronic muscle tension pain in the back and neck, and stress-related pain with “burnout depression”, as wel as anxiety-related conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, agoraphobia, and social anxiety disorder, including comorbid major depressive disorder. (


Therapeutic effects and applications of mechanical vibrations

Mechanical vibrations have shown to be beneficial for the relief of pain and pathological inflammation, both acute and chronic, bone en soft tissues regeneration, musculoskeletal functional improvement, and amelioration of common neurological dieases, including motor impairment.
(Prof. Dr. Raoul Saggini: Mechanical Vibrations, Therapeutic Effects and Applications)


Listening to music

Listening to relaxing music is proven to reduce stress and anxiety

3. Effects of Soundfloating on your fascia and nervous system


Soundfloating has beneficial effects on your fascia

Soundfloating works deeply throughout the facia of your body. Fascia holds bones, muscles and organs in place, but groundbreaking research* shows that the function of the fascia is much more than this.

  • Fascia can be seen as a whole organ by itself, spreading through the whole body and connecting everything.


  • There is a neurochemical link between your emotions and how your fascia responds via your sympathetic nervous system.**

  • Our body interprets stress as danger, and the fascia forms a protective layer around muscles, organs blood vessels and nerves, becoming denser and drier. This is very good for protection, but bad for blood flow and functioning of the organs.

  • Vibrations loosen the fascia again and regenerate her fluidity.

Schermafbeelding 2020-08-19 om 19.29.47.

Fascia turns out to be a communication network

Fascia consists of water and collagen fibers with piezoelectric properties. The liquid crystalline collagen strands are capable of generating and conducting electrical currents as well as vibrations.***

Every electrical impulse within the fascia causes mechanical movement (vibration) and every vibration causes electricity.

Many cellular processes that occur in our organism cause as a 'side effect' a nanoscale vibration with a specific frequency, amplitude and spectrum, that can be communicated through the collagen strands to the entire system. In this way the whole body can attune itself and regulate important processes.****

The structure of the fascia improves by applying vibrations to the body, as it is done with Aquasonic Soundfloating. The tissue is moved and literally shaked loose. The miniscule electrical currents that are generated like this flow through the body and open our energy channels.

autonomos nervoussystem.png

Soundfloating activates your parasympathetic system

It is always possible to fall back into your own inner silence, and to feel that endless peace within. Scientificly speaking this means activating your parasymphatic nervous system.

Without spending enough time with an activated parasympathetic nervous system our body simply cannot recover and restore its energy, and we are moving towards overstraining and burn-out.

Soundfloating stimulates mechanoreceptors, innervated with your fascia, which activates your parasymphatic nervous system.

An activated parasymphatic system provides:


  • release of stress

  • recovery and regeneration of your energy levels

  • an altered global muscle tonus

  • a change in local vasodilatation and tissue viscosity

  • a lowered tonus of intrafascial smooth muscle cells

* Outcome of the research by Carla Stecco, Robert Schleip, and Tom Myers
** Does Fascia hold memories? 2014 Elsevier, 18, 259-265
*** Leikin, 1993 and Lee, 2008
**** Oschman, 2009
***** Kutty and Webb, 2010

4. Soundfloating creates beautiful patterns of oscillations inside your body


Sound is vibration that moves air, water and other structures. With the right frequency it goes into resonance with objects and creates beautiful patterns of oscillations inside of them.
Sound brings matter to life.


Research on the behaviour of sound vibrations on matter

Ernst Chladni

Do you know German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni (1756-1827)?

He is famous for his research on the behaviour of sound-vibrations on matter. On vibrating plates covered with sand Chladni demonstrated how different frequencies set up different patterns of oscillations. The same principle applies to the human body when exposed to sound-vibrations.


What is the effect of sound-vibrations on water

Alexander Lauterwasser

German scientist Alexander Lauterwasser continues the work of Ernst Chladni, and later Hans Jenny, by researching the effects of sound-vibrations on water. The human body consists mostly of water.

Lauterwasser believes in a force behind the 'things'. His research led him to the conclusion that this force is sound in the broadest sense.

'To be alive means to be capable of resonance'

~ Alexander Lauterwasser

5. Benefits of Magnesium Sulphate for your cellular metabolism


Floating in the warm solution of magnesium sulphate supports deep states of relaxation. Magnesium is well known for calming nerves and relaxing muscles, as well as regulating your cellular metabolism. While floating in the saturated magnesium sulphate solution, magnesium is absorbed through the skin via transdermal delivery and increases the actual magnesium level in the blood. This adds extra depth to your Soundfloating experience.

The warmth of the water helps the relaxation of muscles by improving blood flow, but also helps the muscle performance by improving cellular activity and enzyme activity rate.

We believe that much is yet to be discovered, and are currently deepening our understanding about how sound-vibrations affect our health in collaborations with Prof. Dr. E.L.J.M. van Luijtelaar, emeritus professor Psychologie at the Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen and the department Applied Psychology from the Saxion University Deventer.

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