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Children-Tribe Songs

Order Josef's songbook for children and support Aquasonic's crowdfunding.

Last year Josef has put together a songbook for children between 4 and 9 years old, which will be released at the end of January. The booklet contains a total of 18 Dutch original songs with sheet music, chords and lyrics. By ordering now, you reserve a copy for yourself and your children.


They are heartwarming songs that want to remind us that we are inseparable from the nature around us. These songs are about the whispering of the wind, the warmth of the Sun, the coolness of the sea, our dear Mother Earth, the Stars and the Moon ... all expressions of the same consciousness of which we as human beings are a part.


With songs by Aad Drewes, Mirjam Duba, Marco Hadjidakis, Iria Schärer and Irene van Schagen-Hadjidakis. Special thanks to Gianne Tillema for the beautiful cover and to Marco Hadjidakis for the visual illustrations.


Soon you can also listen to the songs online.

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