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We offer several kinds of massages: Classical Massage, Shiatsu, De-Armouring, Cranio Sacral Therapy, and Reiki.


Our massages are always intended to make your energy flow freely again. Sometimes this requires a flowing Classical Massage with warm oil, sometimes a more firm technique like Shiatsu or De-Armouring, and sometimes more subtle techniques such as Cranio Sacral Therapy or Reiki.

We always make sure to adjust our technique exactly to your specific need at at the present moment.

Classical Massage

A Classical Massages is given with warm oil, and intended to pamper you. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system and stimulates your blood circulation and flow of energy.

  • Relaxation massage

  • Long strokes, taper, kneading, reflexology

  • Subtle and firm technique


Shiatsu is a Japanese technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using pressure point massage it restores imbalance in the natural flow of life energy.

  • Pressure point massage

  • Restores physical and emotional imbalances

  • Firm technique

Cranio Sacral Therapy

A Cranio Sacral treatment is done by very gentle touch. The therapist tunes into the Cranio Sacral Rhythm. This is the rhythm of the spinal fluid, that is pumped from the brain along the spinal chord until the sacrum. You can feel this rhythm as an expanding and shrinking throughout the entire body.

  • Gentle touch massage

  • Stimulates self healing capacity

  • Very subtle technique


Reiki is a word that Usui Mikao formed from the Japanese words rei and ki, and is usually translated as universal life energy. Reiki is understood as an energy that should be present in everything that lives. The therapist transmits the Reiki energy through his hands to parts of your body that need to be charged.

  • Energy treatment

  • Transmits Reiki energy to body

  • Very subtle technique


De-armouring is a term which has evolved following the work of Wilhelm Reich. Reich found that his patients had formed somatic armors in their body's tissue, as a defense against emotions, that they felt to be dangerous. These armors were created through experiencing stress, trauma, or repeated negative thought patterns. They stop the free flow of life-force energy through the body. As a result, the physical body can become de-sensitized to both pleasure and pain, and become numb. The armors can be removed by applying certain bodywork techniques to soften the body. Numb and painful areas can be transformed back into pleasure areas.

  • Pressure point massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Release of physical tensions and underlaying emotions

  • Subtle and firm technique

What to expect when you visit us for a massage


We always start your treatment with a warm cup of herbal tea to discus your needs. Together with our massage therapist Josef you will discover which treatment will suite you the best at this moment in time.

Massages can be given on a futon on the floor, but also on a massage table. All massages are give while you keep your clothes on. For massages that include oil, we will give you a towel to cover your waste and below.

After the treatment you have some time in silence to integrate the experience into your body.

Massage as preparation for a Soundfloating session

A massage is the perfect preparation for a Soundfloating session, since it opens up your body, so you can receive the sound-vibrations even deeper inside your body.

It also works like a body scan, since we can track down tense areas, loosen them up manually and then direct the sound vibrations in our sound-bath to these areas.

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