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Soundhealing Concert

One of the perks during our crowdfunding campaign is a live concert at your home

At a Soundhealing concert, relaxing sounds take you on an inner journey. During the concerts people often lie on mats or sit on cushions in order to receive the music at a deeper level.

In recent years we have given countless Soundhealing concerts in the most diverse places. As an offer during our crowdfunding campaign you can book us for an unique concert at your home or at your workplace with your own guests. Consider, for example, a special party, family concert or a corporate event.

We bring our gongs and singing bowls to your location to provide a soothing sound bath. Melodies of cello and duduk and sounds of piano and voice complete the experience. We are also happy to integrate your own wishes and ideas for the concert.

Concerts approximately last for about an hour.

It goes without saying that we ensure that the concert is COVID safe, by scheduling it at a good moment and by keeping sufficient distance.

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