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Feel sound-vibrations through every area of your body while floating in warm and salty water for the ultimate relaxing experience.

What is Soundfloating


Soundfloating is an innovative approach to improve wellbeing that combines the proven health benefits of sound-vibrations, floating and music. Sound-vibrations are targeted to specific body parts, while you are floating in warm and salty water and listening to specially composed music and soundscapes.

Soundfloating reduces stress and pain, and restores energy


Stress causes tensions and pain in the body, and blocks the flow of vital energy. By applying sound-vibrations that resonate with the affected areas, these tensions are released to restore the natural flow of energy.


Watch our animation

Watch our animation

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"The highest goal of music is to connect one's soul to its Divine Nature, not entertainment."


~ Pytagoras (569-475 BC)

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